A One of a Kind Destination

Pelee Island

Modern settlement began on Pelee Island in 1788, with families beginning to settle in the mid-1800s. There is a vast history of Native Americans on Pelee, dating back some 10,000 years. Many important artifacts detailing life on Pelee have been found and are still being discovered today. Situated fifteen miles from the northern coast of Lake Erie, Pelee Island’s unique location makes it a stopping point for many migrating birds and butterflies and a safe home to many exotic and endangered plants, animals, and insects.

Pelee Island’s beautiful ecological trail system runs both on and off road and takes you through some of the most scenic and ecologically important areas on Pelee. There are two nature reserves on the Island, Lighthouse Point and Fish Point. Both of these areas have a great deal of rare and in some cases endangered species; they are extraordinary places year-round. There is surely no limit of activities to take part in during the spring and summer months when the tourism season is in full swing. Fall and winter allow for time to enjoy the changing scenery, the quiet solitude, and to observe the Island through a different perspective. Pelee Island is a single-tier municipality located in Essex County, with a year round population of approximately 300 that grows to nearly 1,500 during the summer months. Pelee is the largest Island of the Lake Erie Islands, covering 10,000 acres with a length of 19km and width of 6km. It takes approximately 4 hours to bike around the perimeter.

Pelee Island Early Fall

A unique Pelee Island tradition is the Annual Fall Pheasant Hunt. For over 75 years people have been gathering on Pelee Island to participate in the pheasant hunts. Today, this tradition continues as a first class hunting event with 2 day hunts for 3 weeks each fall. Initially, the pheasant hunts started as a way to control the rapidly growing pheasant population on the Island that once numbered higher than 50,000. Over time, the event became a tradition that continues to reunite families and friends each fall as they come together year after year for the hunts. This annual hunt has been attended by thousands of people from all over the world.

Pelee Island truly is a one of a kind destination in Canada. Situated in the blue waters of Lake Erie, Pelee has unforgettable panoramic views of Mainland Essex County, Ohio, and other smaller Islands. Pelee is the perfect place for a family getaway; whether you have one day or one week, you will be sure to find plenty of activities to fill your time. Enjoy a walk along Pelee’s sandy beaches, discover the Eco Trail System, visit the museum, fish Lake Erie’s blue waters, and spend a sunny afternoon at the Winery.

Come to beautiful Pelee Island, Ontario and share in one of Canada’s Best Kept Secrets!

A Look at Pelee Island